The Selective Treatment and Radionuclide Removal System uses advanced technology developed to remove selected impurities from facility wastewater; minimizing personnel exposure and waste generation.

Features Benefits
  • Flexible Process Logic
    Multimedia treatment vessels
    Multilogic control headers
    Modular shielding
  • ALARA Enhancements
    Remote operations
    Remote Bottom Slice Vessels
    Custom Shielding
  • Particle Chemistry Management
    Advanced Chemical Addition
    Particle Charge Measurement
    Inline Instrumentation
  • Minimize Curie Discharge
  • Improved Cobalt Removal
  • Disposal volumes reduced by 5 to 1
    compared to resin based systems
  • Personnel exposure reduced by
    a factor of 3 through automation
  • Harmless impurities are allowed to
    pass through the system
    minimizing waste generation
  • Costs reduced by up to 50%