AVANTech Underwater Demineralizers (AUDs)

During refueling outages at nuclear power stations, it is necessary to maintain water chemistry in the spent fuel pool and reactor cavity and to process reactor cavity water rapidly to reduce radiation levels. As an authorized distributor and service provider for Tri Nuclear Corp., AVANTech offers the AUD-48A, AUD-36A, and AUD-30A Underwater Demineralizer Systems, which were developed to meet these needs.

Features Models
  •   Rapid system deployment
         via camlock hose connections,
         twist lock electrical connections,
         and Phase Reversing control boxes
  •   Customer supplied resin for best
         results via proper selection
  •   Underwater service requiring no
         additional shielding
  •   Remote resin sluice and charge
  •   Lifting certified per NUREG 0612
  •   Model AUD-30A
         The AUD-30A is a compact, stand-
         alone underwater demineralizer
         which is ideal for use on
         special projects or in confined
         areas where space is at a premium.
  •   Model AUD-36A
         The AUD-36A is a versatile, stand-
         alone underwater demineralizer
         which is ideal for use in the spent
         fuel pool or reactor cavity and is
         the most widely used underwater
         demineralizer on the market.
  •   Model AUD-48A
         The AUD-48A is a large, stand-
         alone underwater demineralizer
         which is ideal for processing large
         amounts of water rapidly.