High Integrity Container

The A-43 High Integrity Container was specifically designed for packaging dross, abrasive water jet grit, filters and other waste materials containing irradiated metals.

Features Benefits
  • SC-DHEC Certificate of
  • Accommodates Waste to
    10,000+ R/Hr
  • Remote/Submersed Operation
  • Remote Lid Closure
  • Metallic High Alloy
  • ASME Section VIII
    Code Design
  • Safe Long Term Storage/
    Fire Proof
  • Physical Dimensions
    Compatible with TN-RAM
  • Secondary Lid For Lifting and
    protection of Primary
    Lid Connections
    Minimizes Personnel Exposure
    Mitigates Potential for Leakage and Spills
    Mitigates Potential for Airborne Contamination
    No Air Picks Required for Cask Loading
  • Simplifies Handling of Very High Rad Materials
  • Negates Need for Shielding
  • Minimizes Floor Space
  • Shortens Hose Runs