Particle Charge Management

Advanced Technologies for Treatment of Wastewater and Process Liquids. The PCM incorporates new technologies for monitoring and controlling the amount of coagulants, flocculent, acids and/or bases required to maintain optimum particle removal while minimizing backwashing and waste generation.

Features Benefits
  • Computerized Operator Interface
    Allows continuous monitoring
    Simplifies Operation & Training
    Documents Alarms &
    Operational Parameters
  • Compatibility
    Acids & Bases
  • Skid Mounting
  • High Particulate & Colloidal
    Removal Efficiency
  • Reduced Operator Attention
  • Extended Filter Runs
  • Increased Organic Matter Removal
  • Reduced fouling of downstream
    componentsdue to solids
    or chemical overdosing
  • Constant compliance with regulatory
    discharge and product water criteria
  • Reduced chemical usage by 25%+