WTModules™ Pre-Engineered Systems –
Steel Tank Carbon Adsorption

The CAS-Series is designed to remove chlorine and reduce Total Organic Carbon (TOC). Standard 12x40 grade activated carbon media is manufactured by heating selected grades of coal that produces a honeycomb-like structure containing millions of tiny pores. Chlorine and its related elements are first adsorbed on the surface of the pores. The capacity of activated carbon for chlorine removal is immense while the ability to adsorb organic compound is more limited.


  • ASME code tank
  • Alternate Tank lining
  • Larger media connection
  • Manway and davit
  • 3" x 12" sight glass
  • Structural steel skid
  • 316 ss piping and valves
  • PPL piping and valves
  • Interconnecting header
  • Thermal relief valve
  • D/P Switch
  • Flow indicator
  • Media options
  • Alternating service
  • Alternate controllers
  • Air scour
  • Sanitation
  • Media trap
  • Backwash sight glass
  • Finish paint
  • Manual operation
  • 316 ss distribution
  • Split manifold design