Steel Tank Iron Reduction

The IRS-Series is designed to remove iron and manganese. A manganese greensand iron reduction unit operates by oxidizing iron and manganese to insoluble ferric oxide (Fe2O3) and manganese dioxide (MnO2) and then filtering the resultant oxides out of the water. The media is regenerated with potassium permanganate when it becomes exhausted.


  • ASME code tank
  • Tank lining
  • Larger media connection
  • Manway and davit
  • 3" x 12" sight glass
  • Structural steel skid
  • 316 ss piping and valves
  • PPL piping and valves
  • Interconnecting header
  • Thermal relief valve
  • D/P Switch
  • Flow indicator
  • Media options
  • Alternating service
  • Alternate controllers
  • Air scour
  • Sanitation
  • Media trap
  • Backwash sight glass
  • Finish paint
  • Manual operation
  • 316 ss distribution
  • Pump regeneration system
  • Continuous potassium permanganate feed system