Turnkey Systems

AVANTech is proud of our products and services and is willing to provide each client with a long-term lease for our equipment and services. Our design, build, and operate approach has numerous advantages to many of our clients including;

  • No Capital Required
  • Guaranteed Results
    • Cost
    • Water quality
    • Chemical Consumption
  • Risks Minimized
    • Environmental Compliance
    • Maintenance
    • Technology Changes

AVANTech is a supplier of superior quality water, wastewater and wet-waste treatment equipment that is custom tailored to meet our clients standards and performance requirements. We donít supply commodity services, nor do we have a philosophy where "one-product" or "one-approach" fits all. AVANTechís personnel are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the supply and operation of process equipment. We attempt to put ourselves "in-your-shoes" and supply robust operator friendly equipment that exceeds product water quality requirements in an agreement that best supports your business.