A-43 High Integrity Container

The A-43 High Integrity Container was specifically designed for packaging dross, abrasive water jet grit, filters and other waste materials containing irradiated metals.

Features Benefits
  •   SC-DHEC Certificate of
  •   Accommodates Waste
         to 10,000+ R/Hr
  •   Remote/Submersed
  •   Remote Lid Closure
  •   Metallic High Alloy
  •   ASME Section VIII
         Code Design
  •   Safe Long Term Storage/
         Fire Proof
  •   Physical Dimensions
         Compatible with TN-RAM
  •   Secondary Lid For Lifting
         and Protection of Primary
         Lid Connections
  •   ALARA
         - Minimizes Personnel Exposure
         - Mitigates Potential for Leakage and
         - Mitigates Potential for Airborne
         - No Air Picks Required for Cask Loading
  •   Simplifies Handling of Very High
         Rad Materials
  •   Negates Need for Shielding
  •   Minimizes Floor Space
  •   Shortens Hose Runs