AVANTech Bag Module (ABM™)

AVANTech, Inc. and Waste Control Specialists LLC (WCS) are offering a new alternative to the single-use steel liners or High Integrity Containers (HICs) currently in use at Nuclear Power Plants for the disposition of sluiceable spent water treatment media. This new AVANTech/WCS patent-pending altenrative is called the AVANTech Bag Module (ABM™). The ABM™ is comprised of two major components: the AVANTech Reusable Shell (ARS™) and a replaceable AVANTech Collapsible Bag (ACB™).

  •   The ABM™ incorporates the best of both worlds:
         1) The industry-proven rigid steel dewatering container's outer shell.
         2) The specially designed, watertight, double-walled IP-1 bladder with
              reinforced outer woven bag for disposal (minimizing container costs
              while maximizing the burial site's waste capacity).
  •   Processing as Usual – There are no required changes at the customer's
         site since the ABM™ is utilized in place of the current dewatering container
         and is compatible with existing systems (e.g., fill-heads/fillplates, remote
         grapples, processing shields, etc.).
  •   Available in All Common Container Sizes – Accommodates popular
         shipping casks (e.g., RT-100, 8-120, 10-160, 14-170, 14-190, 14-210,
         and 14-215)
  •  ALARA Friendly Container Lid Closure – Means no more complicated
         barrel top drum ring installations or "tighten until you reach the index mark"
         as with poly screw-in type lid installations.
  •   Burial Cost Savings – The ABM™ allows the customer to recognize
         significant savings relating to disposal costs at WCS Texas. When burying
         waste at WCS, only the collapsible bag is dispsed of – not the entire
         dewatering container. Please contact your WCS representative for details
         about your specific burial savings.