Advanced Polymer Solidification (APS™)

AVANTech polymer technologies are the answer for stabilization and encapsulation of radioactive, hazardous, and mixed wastes, to provide a long-life barrier against environmental release. AVANTech is the only supplier of these proprietary stabilization processes. We have applied them in containers from 55-gallon (200-liter) drums to 200 ft³ (5.66 m³) containers.

 Advantages of APS™
  •   Regulatory Approval
         - Only solidification method with CRCPD-approved Topical Reports for
           stabilization of Class A, B, and C wastes
         - Accepted by all US commercial low-level waste disposal sites
  •   Volume Efficient
         - APS™ In Situ produces 0% volume increase
         - APS™Continuous Mixing has <5% volume increase
         - Mitigates system transients
  •   Improved Waste Form
         - Compressive strength 5-10 times better than cement
         - Leach index up to 10,000 times better than cement
  •   Controlled and Consistent
         - PCP determines polymer forumlation
         - Reliable translation from bench to full-scale
  •   Chemically Tolerant
         - Tolerates wide waste pH range
         - Unaffected by sulfates, nitrates, ammonia, and media
  •   User-Friendly
         - Portable, skid mounted or trailer mounted
         - Reliable, low maintenance operation
  •   ALARA
         - Shielded to minimize exposure
         - Remote operation and control
         - Video monitored
  •   Economical
         - Low capital equipment cost
         - No HIC or burial overpack required
         - Reduced waste volumes save cost of transport and burial