Liner-in-Liner (LNL) Waste Container

AVANTech offers a patented smart-loading approach to package both high activity and low activity radioactive treatment media, spent resin, and other filter media into a single one-use AVANTech Steel Container (ASC). The Liner-in-Liner (LNL) design takes advantage of distance and self-attenuation of the higher radioactive material placed in the center. This allows customers to maximize the amount of waste and activity in each outgoing container.

  •   Packaging Efficiencies – Allowing the ability to utilize larger size containers
         resulting in a reduction of the total number of containers generated annually.
  •   Shipping Efficiencies – Reducing the number of cask shipments annually.
  •   Maximizing Activity – Provides ability to utilize more of the Class-A Sum-of-
         Fraction allowing more activity in each container, reducing or eliminating
         the number of Class B/C containers generated.
  •   Minimizing Shipments – Potential to minimize the number of NRC Type-B
         cask shipments annually.
  •   Available in All Standard Sizes – ASC-120-LNL, ASC-160-LNL, ASC-190-
         LNL, and ASC-200-LNL, or we can customize to meet your specific needs.