AVANTech RadSafe™ Containers (ARCs)

AVANTech has received a Certificate of Compliance from the State of South Carolina for the next generation of RadSafe™ High Integrity Containers (HICs). These steel/high-density cross-linked polyethylene containers have been optimized with larger internal volumes for wet low-level radioactive wastes.

  •   SC-DHEC Certificate of Compliance
  •   Compatible with existing transport, handling, and dewatering equipment and
  •   Outer steel shell molded with high density cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)
          - Eliminates UV degradation of XLPE
          - Reduces risk of puncture and stresses
          - Mitigates HIC fire potential
  •   Maintains stable waste form for 300+ years in accordance with 10CFR61
  •   Optional dewatering internals remove free standing liquid to <1% by volume
  •   Includes removable lid that can be safely and quickly installed
  •   Can be fabricated/code stamped to ASME Section VIII
  •   Can be fabricated in custom sizes to meet user needs
  •   Withstands 25 ft (8 m) drop test for safe handling/storage
  •   Loaded containers can be stacked up to three high
  •   Equipped with integral passive vent