Process Shields and Shipping Casks

AVANTech offers custom designed process and shields and shipping casks. Two popular models are the AVANTech Shield (ASH)-120 process shield and the AVANTech Transport Shield (ATS)-215 shipping cask. The ASH-120 shield is designed to provide 4 1/2 in. of lead equivalent shielding and to integrate perfectly with AVANTech's Solids Collection Filter (SCF™) and 8-120 size containers. The ATS-215 shipping cask is designed for transport liners up to 215 ft³. Optional steel inserts of 1-3 in. (with or without tops/bottoms) are available. AVANTech can also provide other custom designed shields and casks to meet our customers' specific needs.

 ASH-120 Shield Features
  •   Designed to hold 120 ft³ steel liners or polyethylene high integrity containers.
  •   Integrates perfectly with AVANTech's SCF™ and 8-120 size containers.
  •   Secondary processing lid to shield processing influent/effluent piping.
  •   Outer surface painted with high quality durable epoxy paint.
  •   Designed to meet all refuel floor lift requirements of NUREG 0612-1980 (10:1
         safety factor) and designed, fabricated, and tested per ANSI N14.6-1993.
 ATS-215 Shield/Cask Features
  •   Capacity up to 215 ft³ transport liners, with ratchet binders to secure the
         primary lid that operate similarly as the common 14-210H and 14-215
         shipping casks.
  •   Steel-lead-steel body consisting of 1 in. thick outer carbon steel shell, 3/8 in.
         thick inner carbon steel shell, 1 3/4 in. thick concentric lead cylinder filling
         space between outer and inner shells, and 1/8 in. thick stainless steel lining
         inside surface of cask body.
  •   Cask bottom, primary lid, and secondary lid consisting of two, 2-in. thick
         carbon steel plates with 1/8 in. thick stainless steel lining over inside surface.
  •   Outer surface painted with high quality durable epoxy paint.
  •   Designed to meet 49 CFR 178.350 Specification 7A, General Packaging
         Type A, and 49 CFR 173.411 Industrial Pckaging Type 1 and 2 (IP-1 and
         IP-2) requirements for low specific activity material.