WTMobile™ Systems

The WTMobile™ mission is to bring contemporary technology to the industrial, domestic, commercial and power water treatment market and make it affordable in a mobile configuration. The WTMobile™ system is a combination of several unit processes designed to make an efficient, stand-alone solution for the mobile, lease, and rental water treatment market areas.

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Applications Equipment Treatment
Arsenic Removal Clarification Boiler Feed Water
Emergency Deionization Domestic Water
Heavy Metal Removal Electrodeionization Drinking Water
Lead Electrocoagulation Industrial Water
Permanent Filtration Process Water
Remediation Microfiltration Seawater
Remote Site & Camp Softening Wastewater
Temporary Reverse Osmosis


WTMobile™ provides yet another means by which we provide excellence in service—through a wide range of solution options for our clients.